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HD WiFi Indoor Array IR Dome IP Network Camera
HD WiFi Indoor Array IR Dome IP Network Camera-ODSM7302
HD WiFi Indoor Array IR Dome IP Network Camera-ODSM7302
HD WiFi Indoor Array IR Dome IP Network Camera-ODSM7302

HD WiFi Indoor Array IR Dome IP Network Camera

Product Code: ODSM7302


HD WiFi indoor Array IR dome IP network camera is perfect to watch your home, office, pets, baby and elderly or nearly any private thing through your mobile, you can have an eye while you are away, amazing product. This camera can manage events intelligently and send email alerts to your smart phone when motion is detected

1/4" Megapixel CMOS¼ Max image Resolution 1280*720@25fps
H.264 Main Profile @ level 3.0 coding, Real time H.264 dual-stream encoding, resolution, frame rate, bit rate adjustable
Support Color/BW mode converting, IR-CUT Filter
Build in Motion Detection
Auto-retrieve function and auto-connection network
Including PC surveillance platform and mobile client, Easy to remote
Integrated ONVIF standard, Compatibility with third-party ONVIF platform software
Mobile view allows you to realize remote view & anywhere & anytime.
Support plug & play, P2P easy installation.
POE power

Technical Specifications:







1/4" Megapixel CMOS


3.6 Fix Lens


1 Array, IR Distance 10m



Min. Illumination

0.5lux; 0 lux with IR on

Max S/N Ratio






main stream: 1280x720@1-25fps
sub stream: 640x480@1-25fps

Bit Rate

128~4096kbps, Supports CBR/VBR

Image Control

Hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, exposure

Auto Image Control





Bit Rate






ONVIF 2.2(1.02 backward compatible)

PC Client and Browser

ISS, IE6.0 and above

Mobile phone

iPhone, iPad, Android



1 RJ45 10M/100M Ethernet port


Working Temperature


Working Humidity

0% - 90%

Power Supply

POE, DC 12 V/1A

Power Consumption

Maximum 6w

Package size






Q: How to connect camera?
- Connect camera to the Power and Ethernet
- Download and install OCAMViewer (PC Client Software)
- Open OCAMViewer and add camera by DiD (find at the back of the cam) and user:admin; password:admin. 
- You can also add camera by using search tool. Open “Search Tool” and click search. it will search over the local network and get the camera by it’s ID. then you can add the cam.

After adding the camera, it will connect to the Ethernet and start streaming. 

To connect camera through WiFi network. go to Camera Configuration (camera settings).
Connect camera to the available WiFi networks by WiFi settings in camera configuration.

After completing this step; Camera will restart. wait for a while to connect it again. (approx. 30 seconds)
If it does not restart; Reconnect it yourself by unplug the power cable and plug it again.
Then camera will connect through WiFi. now you can unplug the Ethernet cable.

Q: How to connect camera though smartphone app?
First connect camera through "OCamviewer" PC client software. then you will be connect the cam through smartphone app.
- Download the mobile app
- Search "P2PWiFiCam"on play store; download and install (Note: do not use other apps for this cam)
- Open the app and add camera by UID with User: admin; Pass: admin
- Go to setting menu and search your WiFi network and enter password to connect. (after completing WiFi setup, camera will restart, if it does not; restart it manually by unplug the power cable)
NOTE: Please make sure that the target Wi-Fi Network works normally and you have access to it (password is correct);
otherwise the Wi-Fi configuration will fail (although the camera will initialize too), and you need to configure again.

Q: How to setup Email alerts?
Open OCAMViewer > Enter Camera Setting > Email Settings > Save
Sender: enter an email address which will use as sender.
SMTP Server: select your email domain from drop down menu. 
SMTP Port: this will select automatically.
Need Authentication: Enable
SSL: this will select automatically.
SMTP User: enter again sender email address.
SMTP Password: enter password of sender email address. 
Receiver 1, 2, 3, 4: You can add up to 4 recipient email addresses.

Q: I setup Email Config. But did not receive motion detection email and alert?
Please enable the options "Alermed Mail Notification" and "Upload Image on Alarm" in alarm settings.

Q: How to Configure FTP?
The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, such as the Internet. You can configure camera to FTP server by “FTP Settings” In setting menu of camera.

Q: Why is my camera's live view delayed/skipping?
If you are running other bandwidth-heavy tasks, such as downloads, peer-to-peer applications, or audio/video streaming, this may cause the camera’s video feed to be delayed. To improve the quality of the video feed, close or stop any bandwidth-heavy applications when viewing your camera's Live View. Your camera requires at least 256K of bandwidth to stream video properly.

Q: How to do port forwarding?
You can do port forwarding as blow steps. Operation Steps: After login the interface of the router, choose “Port Forwarding” Choose “Add custom Service” Input IP camera http port Input IP address of IP camera, click “Apply” After finishing the port forwarding, you can use WAN IP address of router and http port of camera to visit the camera by remote computer. Note: If the routers are different, so the interface and setting method of router are also different, how to do the port forwarding for various routers, please refer to the user manual of your router or consult with router manufacturer. this image is just for reference only.

Q: I've set up my cameras, how can i view them remotely/locally through web view?
You can view locally by just finding camera local ip address and paste it into address bar of the browser and for remotly view; Once port forwarding has been done and you've confirmed your camera IP and your ports are open and allowing traffic, you should be able to view your camera remotely. To do this, go to any browser and type in the following in the URL bar: http://yourcamipaddress:yourport

Q: Can I use battery or power bank to power IP Cam?
Yes, but the battery’s voltage and current should be the same as the adaptor of IP Cam. For power bank; you should have the cable to connect the camera with power bank.

Q: What is the user and password of my camera?
Default User: admin and Default Password: admin

Q: What is my UID number and how can I find it?
A UID number is your camera's Unique Identification Number. It is a 15 digit alphanumeric string with 2 dashes in the middle. It is printed on a sticker that is stuck at the back or under your camera.

Q: How to add my camera in OCAMViewer PC client software?
Open “Device List” in the setting menu of ocamviewer. Click "Add" to add your camera. Enter camera UID number in “DID” field, default User: admin, pwd: admin and enter the name of your device in “Device” field (eg: Home, Office, etc).
Click “OK” and close the dialog box.
After that drag the camera ID to the video window to monitor camera stream.

Q: How to reset the camera to factory defaults.
You may reset to factory default through the web view panel. there is a button in Initialize option of the System menu.
You can open web view panel by local IP of the camera. (you may find local IP through search tool)

Q: Where is camera setting?
Go to "Config" by right click on the camera id to see and change the camera settings.

Q: How can I change my camera's password?
When you see the camera 'Online' in the app then enter into the advanced settings. (To the right of the camera name)
User Setting
You will see the option to change the password there.

Q: I got the alarm email alert but no pic attached?
Please enable the option "Upload Email on Alarm" in alarm settings to get email snapshots on email alert.

Q: I changed the default port for HTTP and i forgot what is it. I want to connect throw telnet, but massage showing password is incorrect. Isn't the same password for telnet? Can i reset the camera without connect it?
No, it's not the same password for telnet. you can't reset without connecting it. please download "Windows Search Tool" from download section to find the port number.

Q: What if my camera is on a different subnet e.g. while my camera IP is
We ship all cameras in DHCP mode so this should not be an issue, however...
Full Wifi Models:
You can put the camera into AP mode or it will enter AP automatically after 2 minutes of not connecting to any wifi router.
Use a laptop computer and search for nearby wifi devices.
Login to the camera by going to in a web browser.
Username: admin  Password: admin
Click on ‘Parameters’ in the top menu
IP Settings > Change from Fixed IP to Dynamic IP
Restart the camera
This will solve your issue and it will pick up the router assigned address on a different subnet.
Alternately - Hold down the reset button continuously until you see the indicator light change mode to a fast blue flashing. It will automatically change the camera from Fixed IP to Dynamic IP modes.




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