XT-3C Optical 40X-80X Adjustable Stereo Microscope
XT-3C Optical 40X-80X Adjustable Stereo Microscope-MCFH-001

XT-3C Optical 40X-80X Adjustable Stereo Microscope

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Dual magnification stereo microscope with a sharp stereo erect image over a wide field. It's widely used in electronics industry, assembling and inspection of precision instrument and meter, educational experiment, observation and research. It can be used in the schools, research institutes, factories and families to study the geology, outer appearance of object. Two eyepieces to give separate views of the specimen creating a three dimensional view of the object. 
Stereo microscopes are typically used in work or study environments that require users to work with the specimen with their hands or with tools under the microscope. Usually low magnification however, some models can achieve 300X with decent resolution.

Magnification: 40X-80X (select from above)
Eyepiece: WF10
Objective: 4X 
LED: 02 led lights
Coarse Adjustment Range: 40mm
Working Distance: 57mm
Working Stage: 90mm frosted, glass, plate and clip
Head: 45 degree tilt, 360 degree swivel
Weight: 3.2 KG
Package included: 1 x microscope, 1 x glass, 1 x dust cover 1 x user manual

Holding the mirror must be right hand arm, left bracket gesture, not a single hand to extract, in order to avoid parts falling or bumping into other areas.
Gently, not the microscope is placed at the edge of the bench, to avoid overturning the landing.
Keep a clean microscope, optical and lighting part only with lens cleaning paper wipe, avoid mouth-blown hand wipe or rub with a cloth, the mechanical part with a cloth.
Droplets, alcohol or other drugs do not touch the lens and the stage, if contamination should immediately wipe with lens cleaning paper.
Place to be aligned through the central aperture when the cover glass slides when specimens.
To develop the habit of observing opened his eyes.
Do not arbitrarily remove the eyepiece to prevent dust falling into the lens, do not arbitrarily disassemble the various components to prevent damage.
After use, must be restored in order to replace the mirror box, the steps are: remove the specimen sheets, down the stage, covered with silk and cover, back bench cabinet.




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