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Simulation Of Peacock Tail Feathers
Simulation Of Peacock Tail Feathers-FEHG-001

Simulation Of Peacock Tail Feathers

Product Code: FEHG-001


Peacock tail feathers makes them perfect for use in table decorations, flower arranging, clothing, hat trims, or jewelry adornments. The peacock tail also valued for its good flexibility and optional chromatically. Beautiful peacock feathers are cleaned and sanitized. The peacock has been a powerful symbol of royalty, pride, and it can be trimmed, and hung as an earring, or pinned onto a lampshade for a beautiful accent.

Big and beautiful eye
High-end simulation feather material
90-100cm length
High degree of simulation
Environmental protection plastic
High degree of simulation, the real thing
A symbol of safety, happiness and luck




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