Is your data secure and protected?

We recognize that security is one of the major concerns for you. We commit to using the highest security standards in order to protect your data from any unauthorized access.

When do we record and process personal data?

Your address is stored in our systems to ensure your orders are handled quickly and without error. Handling of the data you provide to us is in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and the Distance Selling Regulations. We do not send you additional information and advertising materials, or pass your address data to any unauthorized third parties.

Do we store financial data?

No. Once your order has been placed and paid for by a credit or debit card this information is not accessible for us anymore. This is to provide maximum security for all our customers.

Do we use a secure transfer system for your data?

Your personal data as well as your payment data is transferred with a high level of protection. In order to minimize the amount of encrypted data sent, only the sensitive area (frame) is transmitted.

How can you change your order and your personal data?

You can always change your order by entering your shopping basket at the upper right corner of the page. Here you can add products, delete products, or update product and so forth. You also have the possibility to change your address data when logging in. And if you want to, you can specify a different delivery address also by sending message through you control panel.

Do we use cookies?

Cookies help us deliver the best experience on our website. By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. In order to ensure that we can welcome you personally to our site and make the registration process much easier (e.g. storing your e-mail address), our website uses cookies. The cookies do not hold any security data (e.g. your payment data).

Do you have any other questions?

Whether you have questions, criticisms or comments, e-mail is the fastest and easiest way to contact us.


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We are retiring PICOPC Products MNHO-073, MNHO-048 and MNHO-043 and they have reached EOL (End Of Life) as we are introducing new products with better technology. We would recommend you to look into MNHO-096, MNHO-069 and MNHO-113. For Untangle, pfSense, OPNsense, Windows 11, Proxmox VE etc. we recommend MNHO-096 whereas for Sophos, Kerio Control and Endian, we would recommend MNHO-069 while MNHO-113 is suggested for OPNsense, pfSense, Windows 11, etc. (A complete list of supported OS can be found in each product’s listing)
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