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Discover the full range of tower mini servers, rack cabinets, rack servers and server hard. Our servers are enterprise quality with small business pricing. Server types include blade, rack, and tower options.Our servers are compatible with almost all modern firewalls & operating systems. i.e. Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Sophos, Untangle, Open BSD, FreeBSD, Clear OS, pfSense, UTM - Smoothwall, m0n0wall, Endian, Zeroshell etc.Mini Server gives improved access to information, thereby enabling its users to overcome the complexity around data are designed for home and small office.


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We are retiring PICOPC Products MNHO-073, MNHO-048 and MNHO-043 and they have reached EOL (End Of Life) as we are introducing new products with better technology. We would recommend you to look into MNHO-096, MNHO-069 and MNHO-113. For Untangle, pfSense, OPNsense, Windows 11, Proxmox VE etc. we recommend MNHO-096 whereas for Sophos, Kerio Control and Endian, we would recommend MNHO-069 while MNHO-113 is suggested for OPNsense, pfSense, Windows 11, etc. (A complete list of supported OS can be found in each product’s listing)
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